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Nicholas “DIESEL” Dejean was born in Long Island New York. He grew up in a traditional household, mother father and siblings. Attended a catholic school, and worked part time at clothing stores for extra money to buy designer Clothes. He was always attracted to the finer things in life. Nicholas was ALWAYS a shy kid, who would sit in his room idolizing celebrities and the celebrity life. Wanting to be a singer him self he grew up loving r&b Star Monica and Mariah Carey. He also had a love for hiphop, Jay z and Foxy Brown where his two favorite rappers. Fast forward a few years, somehow in the streets of New York he wound up friending his idol Foxy Brown. He remembers sitting in his car with her and talking to her as he told her his dreams of becoming famous. Foxy said to him “ your fly, i can see you doing THIS” . With that being said. he then created the alter ego DIESEL, (D)etermined (I)n (E)very (S)ituation to (E)xcel at (L)iving. He said to him self Nick might be shy but Diesel will be this BOLD, OVER THE TOP, IN YOUR FACE LARGER THEN LIFE PERSONALITY. With this new found personna, he moved to ATL to pursue his dreams. starting TSL Exclusives with friend Joel Bazile , a media site that covered all of Atlanta hottest Events, and interviewing some the worlds Biggest starts from reality tv , Singers, and Actors. He has been seen on Braxton family values, R&B Divas atl, Atlanta Housewives, Celebrity ex’s Atl, the talk show, The Real and Married to Medicine to name a few. With the sky being the limit, Diesel parted ways from TSL Exclusives to continue his own goals of being the next BIG TV HOST AND RED CARPET CORRESPONDENT, following in the foot steps of his mentors in his head, Nick Cannon/ Ryan Seacrest/ and Steve Harvey. Diesel has been quoted in saying “ I don’t know what the future holds for me, but TRUST ME it will be larger then life and fashionable” …………..Diesels World